Take the Equestrian Challenge!

By: Travis Moore

Ever heard of the equestrian challenge? If you have, you might be familiar with Lucinda Green. She holds the record for the Badminton Horse Trials, having won it six times. What’s even more impressive is that Green rode six different horses to do it. Now, people can share in her experiences, the excitement of being equestrians via her Equestrian Challenge.

Equestrian Challenge Mechanics

Players are challenged on three fronts in the game – show jumping, dressage and cross country. The game’s ultimate goal is winning all four-star events in Badminton, Kentucky, Adelaide and Burghley. But don’t get too excited yet. You must cover the basics first.

The game starts off with you playing a young two-star equestrian that Lucinda Green takes under her wing. Full character customization lets you put your personal touch on the equestrian. In this way, players are able to create riders that match who they are, or at least, how they perceive themselves to be.

Rider customization in the Equestrian Challenge includes the gender, skin tone, nationality, clothing and hair color. For horse customization, it covers the breed, size, stockings, gender, pattern, face markings and color. The game serves up multiple difficulty levels for players of all age groups.

Players likewise get to take care of their own horses. This represents a key aspect of the game as a player’s success is hinged on how much work he puts into caring and training the horse – from feeding to watering to brushing and other duties. Players also need to ensure that the horses’ attributes are distributed right so they’re able to bag the price at every single competition.

Four attributes or stats need to be balanced. These are stamina, agility, jumping, trust and speed. Individuals have the power to develop horses differently. This they do by merely adjusting the stats’ allotments.

Lucinda Green educates and trains players until they are fit to compete in four-star competitions. At this particular level, players pit their characters in various contests, against many of the biggest names in the riding field today.

Graphically, you can’t complain with the equestrian challenge game. Compared to other current equestrian games, this one is stunning. Character customizability was a cool bonus. However, there is nothing revolutionary about the game play. This particular equestrian game just doesn’t push a lot of gaming boundaries.

The game does score points on not being as tedious as other equestrian game versions. Players are able to enjoy themselves more and focus on the details less. This is a good thing since most gamers purchasing equestrian games are more curious about the competition than the simulated horse care lessons. The life of the equestrian challenge game is likewise good. Players enjoy the different challenges minus winding up feeling disappointed because of the game’s length.

Still, the repetitive motions players must undergo to compete along with the horse care actions involved can get a bit dull. The game menu is also rather inept. Players could have a tough time navigating through the controls.

Is the Equestrian Challenge for You?

Not everybody buys equestrian games. It’s just not a game genre that catches the usual couch strategist, athlete or soldier. The equestrian challenge game wishes to change all that by providing plenty of eye candy. However, the game’s adherence to realism doesn’t help drive its popularity up among gamers. Without a doubt, the game could’ve benefited from even a tiny hint of imagination.

Here’s the bottom line – the Equestrian Challenge is one great game. Actually, it’s even better than most equestrian games available right now. But if you’re not a real fan of the sport, chances are you won’t see enough in the game to take it for a test drive. For people who genuinely love horses, get the Equestrian Challenge. However, if you belong to the usual point-and-shoot crowd, you might be better off skipping this game.


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