How to Select the Right Equestrian College Program for You

By: Travis Moore

There are plenty of equestrian college programs available. Anyone interested in horses and spending more time learning about them should consider signing up for these programs. Actually finding equestrian college programs is easy; the hard part is choosing which one suits you the most.

The Hunt for Equestrian College Programs

So how do you pick the right program for you among the many equestrian college programs around? Below are a few items you should consider.

* Program concentration. Find out if equestrian college programs offered by particular schools are appropriate to what you want to achieve in the industry. They must be able to help you realize careers doing what you are passionate about – horses. There are skills you can pick up. A focus on such learning areas lets you know what a college can offer you.

    Areas of focus include:

- Horseback riding plus training – Equestrians are usually defined by their horse-riding abilities. But this is just one aspect of being equestrians. To be true equestrians, you must learn to work horses, training and shaping them until they respond to your every command.

- Horse care – Students likewise must learn proper care of horses. Most people assume getting horses to jump is the toughest hurdle. Wrong. Becoming true equestrians means learning how to properly care for your mounts. Understand horses inside out - from studying their anatomy to how to fee them to grooming them and other horse-care essentials.

- Horse biz – Once you have the skills, learning how to use them in the real world is next. Master the appropriate techniques so you can translate them into money. Good equestrian college programs teach students to run horse-related businesses like riding schools, stables and others.

* Hands-on education. Decent equestrian college programs let students learn about equines hands-on. There is no room for “classroom equestrians.” Becoming equestrians means actually working with horses. One way to judge equestrian college programs is by seeing if there are stables on campus. This clues you in on how extensive the lessons and training will be. Check also for program internships as these are venues for applying skills learned.

* Extracurricular stuff. To gauge just how much can be learned from equestrian college programs, find out if the schools have great polo or equestrian teams. This is one way to see how much value the school puts into the related field.

Different schools serve up different equestrian college programs. Some offer courses in therapeutic horsemanship, stud farm management, marketing and business management. The business management program gives students a strong background in business for careers in pharmaceutical sales, tack shop management, horse sales and facility management. It is perfect for those interested in overseeing quality horse care while working with others in a business setting.

Selecting among the many equestrian college programs is no easy task. Do not go for the first school you find offering the course. Make a list of the schools that appeal to you and do some more digging from there. Check out the schools’ websites and ask around to get more insight into the matter.


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