Equestrian Events – A Place for Horses to Shine

By: Travis Moore

Aside from ballgames, men also enjoy equestrian events. Men have always been interested in competition. Whether it be rooting for and betting on their favorite basketball team or creating their own sports squads, men just love the competition. Equestrian events are no different.

Rodeo is where it is at for most men. The rodeo variety they are big on is barrel racing. In this event, the participation of women form part of the appeal.

A Look at Equestrian Events

Equestrian events are venues for displaying participants' speeds. The greater majority of men frequent equestrian events because they get to see the women compete with men. What could be more appealing than watching women get involved in a sport that was for many years, regarded as ‘for men only’? Of course, there are men who are themselves equestrians and are genuinely interested in the sport.

Men can also join and excel in other types of special horse events. The trick is to know how to pick the right horses to ride. Comfort and safety are two key factors that must be considered. When talking about competition, what invariably pops into people's heads is winning. After all, there's no sense competing if there will be no winner declared in the end.

Victory or triumph is what makes all competitions exciting. To win at equestrian events, the condition of horses plays a crucial role. Take reigning for example. This horse sport features riders completing a set pattern while atop their horses. Patterns include tough obstacles that must be navigated using various maneuverings. Riders should be able to hurdle them easily and confidently.

Equally important equestrian events that deserve mention are the Olympia London International Horse Show, the Arabian Horse Show and the National Horse Shows. They're briefly described below.

* Olympia London International Horse Show – This event runs in London, England every year in December. The elites owning the elite steeds join the prestigious event. Show jumping and dressage are the usual competition categories.

* Arabian Horse Show – The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona sponsors these special horse events. This organization was founded back in 1955. Originally, there were around 12 members. This has grown to nearly 450 members. Competition in this arena is fierce. A ton of cash is involved, which makes for bigger prizes.

* National Horse Shows – As equestrian events, these cater to all the equestrians in the US who plan on showing off their skills. The National Horse Show Association of America is behind the event. Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida is where the show is held. Equestrian events here focus on displaying horsemanship. Thousands come to watch the competition.

Not the usual boxing match, football or hockey game, equestrian events offer a different kind of high. They definitely score points for being interesting. It is little wonder that the guys, as well as some of the gals, are passionate and devoted enough to get involved in the equestrian events.


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