Would You Wear Equestrian Jewelry?

By: Travis Moore

Equestrian jewelry is another way horse lovers and horse riding enthusiasts express their love for these handsome steeds. Some don equestrian garb while others adorn their homes and offices with equine home d้cor. With other groups, it has to be horse bling-bling. Equestrian jewelry comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs – from the conventional to the outlandish.

Sparkle With Equestrian Jewelry

The form as well as elegance of horses makes them sought-after pieces in the jewelry market. Their stance and gait are perfect additions to most jewelry pieces, which is why an increasing number of jewelry makers serve up horse design collections. Ranging from trinkets to large diamond-studded pendants, such pieces suit any wardrobe. Equestrian jewelry can be worn on practically any occasion.

It can be made of sterling silver, platinum, gold or white gold. Some consist of purely metallic pieces. Others include gems or stones like pearls, sapphires, crystals, turquoises, rubies and diamonds. Cheaper materials that can be included are beads as well as semi-precious stones.

Seeing Stars with Equestrian Jewelry

Horse jewelry can take different forms. What particular jewelry pieces a person has largely depends on his or her personal preference. Always a winner is the more traditional ones worn around the neck, on the ears, wrists and fingers, and even ankles. Some of these are discussed below.

* Earrings – These are a huge favorite among women. Designs are often similar to pendants since necklaces and earrings are often sold as parts of a set. Some favor small stud earrings while others go for the dangling, longer ones. Stirrups and horseshoe are among the typical designs.

* Bracelets – Charms are often utilized to embellish bracelet chains. Clip-on or slide charms allow for easy mixing and matching of bracelets and charms. Common designs of charms are horseshoe, paddock boot, dressage hat, bootjack, heart horse and blue ribbon. Chains can either be plain or bear designs like toggle, cable, stirrup or bit. Armlets and bangles with equine designs are other equestrian jewelry examples.

* Rings – Some horse ring designs include double horse heads and nails. The beauty of rings is that both men and women can wear them. His-and-hers horse rings make for nice wedding or engagement horse gifts. Toe rings and championship rings are other attractive equestrian jewelry.

* Necklaces - Of the many types of jewelry, the necklace represents the most common. The pendants are usually where the horse designs are placed. You might see neckpieces that sport horses in extended trot. But the majority of pendants have Equus or horse head designs.

Sometimes the head is seen framed with a square or round frame, studded or plain. Other popular pendant designs are stirrup, horseshoe, boot, saddle, golden boot, blue ribbon, dressage horse, hunting horn, bit, crop and boot and hoof pick. Some pendants make use of charms like breed, bucket and bell boot charms. Diamond lockets that are heart-shaped bearing horse designs are occasionally used as pendants too. The necklace chain can either be plain or cable.

* Other horse jewelry – Watches sporting horse patterns are also available. Other items that come with horse prints or designs are cufflinks, barrettes, brooches, anklets and pins. Although these are not generally considered jewelry, they still loosely fit the classification given the materials used as well as their cost.

Examples include gold equestrian brooches and square horse cufflinks. Pins feature saddle, hunting horn, hunting whip and heart-shaped horse patterns. For the hair, silver barrettes that are studded with diamonds are available.

It's not required that someone be a certified horse lover to wear horse jewelry. They don't even have to like wearing jewelry at all. However, with so many great equine designs around, there's bound to be an item that a person will appreciate and grow to love.

For those tired of their old wardrobe or bling - give equestrian jewelry a try. Equestrian jewelry also makes excellent horse gifts for friends and family who like horses. They are classy, elegant and always in style.


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